9 Steps to Protect Your Practice

  1. Get Your Expectations in Writing

    It’s easy to grab a boiler plate job description off the web. But if you want your Medical Bookkeeper to meet and exceed your expectations, it’s best to measure twice and cut once from the start.

  2. Set the Right Compensation Plan

    How much should you pay a Medical Bookkeeper? You’ll find a lot of suggestions on the web, but pay rates vary widely. Think through different pay rate ranges and consider the different level of skills you’ll get at each level.

  3. Start Recruiting with Referrals

    It’s easy to post a job online today, but the price you pay is sorting through stacks of resumes that often tell you only someone’s past but little about the real person you’ll hire. Why not work your network to get introduced to people who have a verifiable reputation?

  4. Change Initial Interview Tactics

    Who talks most in your interviews – you or the applicant? The interview is not where the applicant learns about you – it is where you learn about the applicant. Prepare your open-ended interview questions in advance, then listen more than you speak.

  5. Showcase Your Practice

    Once you narrow the field to your top candidates, bring them back and tell them about your practice. Let them meet everyone and experience what it is like to work with your team. Watch how them interact with team members to see if they are a fit.

  6. Complete a Background Check

    Hello! Your Medical Bookkeeper has visibility to your practice’s money! Isn’t it worth a few dollars to ensure you aren’t hiring a credit criminal or felon … or even worse, an unethical hacker? Ensuring they are bonded couldn’t hurt!

  7. Make Your Offer

    Communicate all aspects of your offer in writing. Compensation, benefits, work hours, attire, performance expectations and work from home standards, if applicable. Answer any questions and concerns and secure their acceptance in writing.

  8. Create an Onboarding Plan

    Get your Medical Bookkeeper started right with a day-by-day onboarding and training plan for at least the first two-to-four weeks. Never assume they know how you want your bookkeeping done; make sure you cover everything you expect.

  9. Get Your CPA Involved

    Involve your CPA as early in the process of selecting your Medical Bookkeeper as possible. Make sure they participate in the onboarding process and continuously check the work of your bookkeeper early and often

Hiring the right Medical Bookkeeper for your Practice takes time and a disciplined approach to choosing the right person and ensuring they perform their duties in a timely, accurate and ethical manner.

In terms of time and money, can it be expensive to hire the right Medical Bookkeeper? Yes, it can!

But compare that time and money to the cost of hiring the wrong Medical Bookkeeper!

Are Your Ready to Get the Right Medical Bookkeeper for Your Practice? … and avoid all the time and costs of recruiting and training?

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