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Internal Audit Co-sourcing & Outsourcing

An effective internal audit function will help in mitigating business risks while enhancing organizational performance. However, small and large companies do not always have the time and resources to implement and maintain an internal audit function, while others have not optimized their internal audit’s capabilities.

We can help you bridge these gaps either through a co-sourced (a targeted approach) or a fully outsourced operating model. Our team will deliver a skilled assessment of existing business processes and internal controls. Based on our review of the existing business processes and associated controls, we will make recommendations to improve efficiency, reduce risk and maintain regulatory compliance.

Internal Control Guidance and Thought Papers


Sarbanes Oxley Advisory Assistance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) was designed to improve the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting.

Our team has the expertise to evaluate if your current internal controls meet the financial requirements to be SOX compliant. We specialize in providing the required management level internal controls system documentation, conducting the annual management level testing of controls, and coordinating all SOX compliance activity with your external financial statement auditors.

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